Jewellery Care

Many factors can influence the wear and tear of jewellery. Therefore, you should make sure that your jewellery is properly cleaned, repaired and stored. 

Keep jewellery in a jewellery box and out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place.

For precious jewellery we would advise storing it in acid free tissue paper.  Gemstones and Freshwater Pearls are natural materials and can be scratched or chipped very easily.

  When in transit protect all jewellery in boxes.

All pieces should be treated with care, particularly those with gemstones. To maintain the beauty of jewellery we advise you remove it when swimming, bathing, exercising or sleeping. Please note that we recommend items of jewellery made with leather should not get wet.

Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight, heat and cold. 

Earring clips, butterflies and the clasps on bracelets and necklaces are effectively springs and may need to be adjusted from time to time, to ensure they function properly.

Remember to avoid wearing jewellery in chlorinated water as this will cause discolouration and make sure that they are stored away from excessive light and air, as these can further tarnish the jewellery.


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